Monday, 23 September 2013

1st draft of manifesto for CILIP Council

I believe in the importance to society of libraries and information services and the people who staff them.  I believe the core values of the profession are as applicable in 2013 as they ever were and that we must constantly champion these values. 

2013 has been a year where CILIP has been distracted at a crucial time in the history of library development.  This needless distraction has alienated the members and perhaps more importantly the people we serve, the public, fighting for their library services while we are perceived as navel-gazing.

As a Trustee I would work tirelessly to ensure that CILIP moves on positively from this and focusses on the two most important aspects of its mission – meaningful advocacy, and maintenance of the professional skills and knowledge our members require.  Our advocacy needs to become significant and all in the organisation (including Trustees) need to become accountable to the members for its success.

I would work to ensure that CILIP seeks to understand why it has lost many thousands of members since its inception, and seek to urge the organisation to win the hearts and minds of these professionals back.  CILIP needs to become a more transparent organisation, with members consulted before major decisions and not merely to rubber stamp them.

In terms of my credentials for the role, I served as External Examiner for CILIP’s Chartership Board for 5 years from 2006-2011.   As a member of Faculty at an information school I have been involved in the education of over 400 new library and information professionals.  I have written extensively on public library and ethical issues for library and information professionals, including for CILIP’s publishing arm, Facet Publishing.  If elected as a Trustee I would use this extensive experience for the benefits of all members.

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